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      Moises Ramirez / No se trata de lo escandaloso o extravagante que sea un altar; sino que conserve la tradicion; que sea sencillo y que muestre la tradicion de nosotros los mec0oanxs&#823i; Se los digo yo que estoy en EU. y extrano todo… Todo…

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      Anne this is FABULOUS … I just signed up and added my mugs & some of my Lacy Ruffled Scarves …Andrew has been so hets;ul&#8230fplop by and check it out!

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      Nu ti se spune: “esti portocaliu”, ci “idiot portocaliu”. fara o flegma intre ochi (apropos de link-ul pe care l-ai dat) nu scapi. Ura idioata indusa de catre incompetentii politici si de catre mass media este de vina. Aceeasi ura indusa de Tembeliziunea Romana Libera cu Adevarat Libera si fituicile “Adevarul”, “Libertatea” samd la ordinul fesenistilor lui Ion Iliescu. Incompetentii politici de azi spera sa obtina un “13-15 iunie 1990″ cu populatie indobitocita altoind &#&0;2;portocalii8#82212.

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      Ermmm … I saw someone at a libertarian gathering who abused colloidal silver.His skin had turned permanently grey.I'd want a bit more medical study before I started setepex-frimenling with heavy metal ingestion.

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      feel like I have some major explaining to do after my absence and then last night’s rushed post. I mentioned how busy I’d been but didn’t have the time or energy to go into everything.

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    暖かくなりましたらGO SURFING!ですね。

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